Fencing Woman

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  • Fencing Woman
  • Fencing Woman
'Fencing Woman' was made in 2020. I am constantly fascinated by the movement of cloth and how this might be explored in fired clay. This sculpture is also about dynamic movement, I enjoy artwork that has energy and force. Clay comes from the ground, it is heavy and always seems to want to fall down and return to the earth, so it is an exciting challenge to make it light and to give it life.

'Fencing Woman' would look at her best on a shelf or mantelpiece, somewhere near eye level , or where she can be pondered over- who is she battling, where does she come from? A sculpture that raises many questions hopefully.

Edition size - A unique handbuilt sculpture, hand modelled by Jeremy James

Dimensions - Length 70cm
Height 30cm
Depth 17cm

Materials - high fired stoneware ceramic and steel rod

Signed and dated on underside of sculpture.